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Flush mount Eikon Exé light control panel

Flush Mounting Designer Light Switches

To further enhance the striking yet simple style of the Eikon Exé range, VIMAR now offers a connector block box, especially for plasterboard walls.  

This is particularly useful for construction and renovation projects in Australia.  

The connector block box is designed to allow flush mounting of the cover plate, generating even more clean-cut silhouettes capable of adding value to any setting.  

Quick and easy to install, this new mounting box provides an impeccable flush fit, thanks to its perfect compatibility with the shapes of Eikon Exé, both the traditional controls version and the variants with flat and vintage controls. 

Flush Mounting Box for VIMAR Eikon Exé 

The installation consists of an internal connector block section surrounded by a plaster mounting frame and a perforated metal mesh for screw fixing.  

Side view of flush mount box

The box can be installed either from both the front or the rear of the wall and on either single or double sheet plasterboard.  

Once installed, the cover plate can be extracted using a specific tool, which avoids damaging the plaster border. 

Eikon Exé thus confirms itself as being pure essence.  

The essence of shape: pure, with slim profiles to emphasise the design. Squared corners and striking silhouettes blend in seamlessly with any environment. Stylish details are 100% made in Italy.  

But above all, the essence of the material. Resulting from a meticulous selection process, the seven specific materials are available in 27 different top-quality finishes, which create a different, original soul each time.  

Hence, a wide variety of solutions suited to any environment and all styles is available to enhance any setting.  

For further details, please contact Designer Light Switches Australia