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Warm colour designer light switches

Warm Colour Designer Metal Light Switches

The latest trends in interior design combine metals with natural materials, resulting in subtle contrasts and warm hues. 

Vimar has expanded the Arké series with buttons featuring a warm metallic effect, plus five new finishes for cover plates.  

This offers designers a deliberate aesthetic choice that blends perfectly with any architectural context, from residential settings to hotels, which likes to stand out. 

Characterised by a contemporary style with a strong personality, the functional and pragmatic Arké Metal is the perfect marriage of design and technological innovation, simplicity, and character. Thanks to the distinctly warm tone of the new colour of the controls, Arké Metal explores original material combinations that complement an ultra-modern, creative energy model. 

The five new finishes are the result of a precise study that analysed the latest stylistic trends and architectural requirements: 

  • Matt Champagne: a light, luminous shade that exudes sophisticated elegance. 
  • Dark bronze: warm and understated aesthetic rigour. 
  • Metal: the warm colour shows off a metallic effect that perfectly balances light and darker tones. 
  • Brushed brass: golden reflections where light plays the starring role. 
  • Brushed copper: a warm and timeless shade with a vibrant, bright, intense tone. 

To further support interior designers, who seek a distinct identity even in details, Arké offers different ways of customising lighting points.  

Cover plates can feature custom logos; they are available in countless colours, including special made-to-order shades, while various symbols can be screen-printed on buttons and controls to clearly indicate the chosen functions. And the customisable RGB backlighting on controls allows total aesthetic coordination with thermostats. 

Arké is also intelligence in its purest form.  

Vimar’s By-me home automation, KNX technology, and smart radio frequency products, offer energy efficiency without compromise, always ensuring your comfort in protected, perfectly connected spaces. Control is at your fingertips both locally and remotely. 

Italian by origin, international by choice. Arké responds to the usage requirements of Australia thanks to an extensive range of devices available with Australian approvals. 

Vimar’s socket outlets and controls help you design and manage your energy systems in complete safety. 

For further information please contact Designer Light Switches Australia